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"Light means nothing to a blind man." - A.W. Tozer

"Some preachers ought to put more fire into their sermons or more
sermons into the fire." - Vance Havner

"The Bible definitely is infallible, how else could it survive so many
years of bad preaching?" - Leonard Ravenhill

"People who do not know the Lord ask why in the world we waste
our lives as missionaries. They forget that they too are expending
their lives...and when the bubble has burst, they will have nothing
of eternal significance to show for the years they have wasted."
- Nate Saint, missionary martyr

"The invasion of the Church by the world is a menace to the
extension of Christ's Kingdom. In all ages conformity to the world
by Christians has resulted in lack of spiritual life and a consequent
lack of spiritual vision and enterprise. A secularized or self-
centered Church can never evangelize the world." - John R. Mott

"The neglected heart will soon be a heart overrun with worldly
thoughts; the neglected life will soon become a moral chaos; the
church that is not jealously protected by mighty intercession and
sacrificial labors will before long become the abode of every evil
bird and the hiding place for unsuspected corruption. The creeping
wilderness will soon take over that church that trusts in its own
strength and forgets to watch and pray." - A. W. Tozer

Arise, Shine!

Arise, Shine!
(En Español)
"It was for this He called you through our gospel, that you may gain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ" (2 Thess. 2:14).
The Word of God states plainly -- no, it commands those at the end of the age to be fearless in the face of darkness! Speaking through the prophet Isaiah, the Spirit of the Lord orders His people:
Arise, shine; for your light has come,
And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
For behold, darkness will cover the earth,
And deep darkness the peoples;
But the Lord will rise upon you
And His glory will appear upon you.
Nations will come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising.
                                      ---Isaiah 60:1-3

Traditionally, because the second half of Isaiah 60 contains references to the millennium, some have placed the fulfillment of this entire chapter in the age to come. But let me ask: Will "darkness . . . cover the earth" in the millennium? During the glorious reign of Christ when death, sin, and sorrow are banished, will "deep darkness" still rest on "the peoples"? The fact is, while Isaiah's prophecy does indeed conclude in the millennium, it begins during the last hours of this age.
Clearly these first three verses of Isaiah 60 are a pre-Rapture, pre-millennial command from God. The Lord calls us not just to endure the darkness but to arise in His manifest glory! People argue about the timing of the Rapture, but what I am presenting here does not disturb any popular eschatology. I'm saying between now and whatever scenario you believe, there will be a time of increasing glory for true Christ followers.
Some of us feel defeated; others are worn out and weakened by the increasing gloom in the world. Yet it is here, where depression would otherwise capture our souls, that we are commanded to rise. To throw off oppression is not just an act of faith; it is an act of obedience. It is time to cancel our plans to be miserable! Through the blood of Christ, we break our covenant with death and darkness; we obey the voice of our destiny!
One may argue, "But you do not know my difficulties." Listen to how the Amplified Bible renders the Lord's command: "Arise [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you -- rise to a new life]!" Right at this moment, even as you read these words, new life from the presence of God is descending into your spirit. Receive it! Accept it! Obey it!
You see, God's plan is that here on Earth, in us, the glory of the Lord will be revealed. The luminous, radiant light of His presence, as it shone from Moses' face and flooded Solomon's temple at its dedication, as it radiated from Jesus and bathed His disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration -- that light of God's presence shall arise from within us at the end of the age! This same divine glory shall, in ever-increasing degrees of brightness, appear upon us in the years prior to the Lord's actual Second Coming.
In truth, this great work of grace has already begun. We are part of the Holy Spirit's expansive preparation. God is gathering together His people. We are learning to humble ourselves in repentance and prayer; we are finding friendship and unity with other Christians. Indeed, our reconciliation across denominational and ethnic barriers has an immeasurable reward attached to it. As valleys are "lifted up, and every mountain and hill . . . made low . . . then the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all flesh will see it together" (Isa. 40:4-5).
God is qualifying us to receive His splendor! Nations shall come to His light and kings to the brightness of His rising!
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Adapted from Francis Frangipane's book, The Days of His Presence available at Arrow Bookstore .
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The Church and the Harvest

The Church and the Harvest
Today, perhaps more than at any other time in history, nations stand at a crossroads. In the midst of terror attacks, blatant rebellion and worldwide conflicts, is there yet one more "great awakening" in God's heart that will sweep multitudes into His kingdom? Or is the future irreversibly clocked, ever ticking toward catastrophic conflicts and doom? I, for one, am convinced that the Lord's heart burns for the nations. I believe that a great harvest season awaits us.
It is easy to see sin and predict doom. Yet the very fact that God gives us the privilege of prayer tells us He desires we participate with Him in the transformation of our world. Indeed, even when a nation seems fully in the grip of evil, the heart of God is searching for one who would "stand in the gap before [Him] for the land." God's heart is to redeem "not destroy" (Ezek. 22:30). What a tremendous insight into the nature of God, that if just one person embraces Christlike transformation – if he or she stands in the gap in unoffendable intercession – that individual can alter the future of a nation! Before you think I am exaggerating, both the Bible and secular history tell us this is exactly the case. Singular individuals have stood for their families, churches, cities and nations, and throughout time God has used them to alter the course of history (Heb. 11; Eccl. 9:15).
The key to unlocking this great power from God is to live life with one compelling goal: to obtain the likeness of Christ. Everything about our ICIT course is designed to focus our faith upon Jesus Christ. The priorities we present, if properly assimilated, will empower each of us to possess true spiritual transformation.
Our vision at In Christ's Image Training is to train and release hundreds of thousands of Christlike pastors, leaders and intercessors into countries throughout the world. We are entering the season of our greatest transformation; it is accelerating toward us. God wants to use us to reach our families, neighbors and beyond. But first He must renew and transform our hearts. Do not doubt that the Spirit of God can do a deep and thorough work in you. At the end of the age, the Lord has promised His work of raising up people and reaching the nations will be accomplished "thoroughly and quickly" (Rom. 9:28). Take faith! He assures us He will "hasten" our transformation "in its time" (Isa. 60:22).
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In Christ's Image Training is a six-month, online course developed by Pastor Frangipane. It is based on 45 years of seeking God, study and revelatory insights. These are proven truths that break chains and lead to power in our Christian walk.
ICIT provides focused training in four essential stages of spiritual development:
The vision of attaining Christ's likeness
Possessing Christ's humility
Developing a strong prayer life
Becoming one with other Christ believers
The course comes right to your home via email and audio messages and is designed to lift one's focus toward the actual presence of Jesus Christ. The full course not only includes 48 lessons and 39 audio messages (sample audio), but the discerning student will actually find the Lord using the weekly lessons to stage opportunities to deepen the truths found in the training.
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-by S. Jha.

I saw this vision around the end of November 2007....

I saw:
High over America was a vast dome that covered the entire nation.
It looked like a giant spider's web.

As I looked closely I saw that most gaps had been filled with
concrete and the web was now black with dust and dirt.

I saw that there were gaps, through which fresh air came in.
The constant Broadcasting of filth had created the web, but I saw
that there were those that did not broadcast filth, and the truth of
their broadcasts was preventing the concrete spider's web from
closing up completely.

There was Christian filth and non-Christian filth, being broadcast
over the airways.

Those broadcasting the truth, when few wanted to hear it in the
nation, were scattered and scant. Their voices were drowned out
in the sounds of revelry and filth.

Those who loved the Lord cried out to Him. Resources were
scarce, and it was getting lonelier and lonelier being the 'lone'
voice of truth in America. Oft times people had tried to gag them,
other times, the Lord Had had them sit in silence.

Suddenly there was a deafening sound. The dome was caving in.

Raiders of the Airways, from other nations, were air-dropped into
America, as were many armors, so that those God lovers, who
had been or were yet to join broadcasting/publish/ or do anything
media related, were protected in an armor that was fully kitted to
do the Works of God.

As I looked at America, I saw that great changes were taking
place in the media. I saw clenched fingers, held tightly in a fist.
This was the fist of those who for years had controlled christian /
non-christian media. I saw a wooden foot ruler (12 inch scale)
descend from the sky and rap this clenched fist so hard that the
fingers were now no more tightly clenched, but they opened up. I
understood within the vision that monopolies in Media would be
broken. As the fingers unfurled, I understood, that there would be
openings for new entrants, or the established smaller ones who
were earlier considered 'inconsequential/irrelevant,' into every form
of media in areas where there had previously been an airtight control.

Underneath the surface, whilst media looked the same from above,
below many changes were taking place. The tastes of many were
changing. Quietly, from within, people were becoming more and
more suspicious of media, its style of reporting and the insult to
the intelligence of the viewer/hearer/reader, by the programming.
Christians and non-Christians were beginning to want something
more substantial. Christians were becoming hungry for the Truth.

Continuing with the vision, I saw.......

Those who had been making public their message of truth, in
America were the Nathaniels, in whom was no guile. They spoke
forthrightly, and many Americans accused them of being 'traitors',
'blasphemers' of the system the nation so revered.


These remnant in America who spoke the truth at times felt lonely,
rejected and many many times 'threw in the towel', for I saw a
vision flash of the towel being thrown back at the remnant, by the
Lord. God by His Grace had not allowed the remnant to give up, or
resign. He Had Kept them going.

But now I saw in this vision that though on the surface American
media looked exactly the same as it had done for years,
underneath the surface many changes had already taken place
and would continue.

God lovers had left the 'church' system and were compelled in
their spirit to speak out against the lies, the false doctrines, the
greedy leaders, the mammonites. They boldly aired their views
and refuted the lies of the church and the government of the nation.

These Raiders of the airways, who constantly preached the truth
and fought against the lies aired on TV, Radio, the Internet, the
so-called 'churches', had by their ministry of countering such
ever-increasing lies, slowly but surely found that they were not
alone in the desire for hearing the truth. When these Raiders of
the Airways had first begun to fight the lies, they did not do a
'market research' to see if there was a 'market' for the truth; they
spoke, wrote, aired, and shared the truth, because they knew that
they knew that truth MUST BE SHARED.

Whilst the dry-ones continued on writing and airing their
E-manuals, knowing not EMMANUEL, these Raiders of the
Airways, the truth lovers, spoke, wrote, shared, with some
urgency all that the Lord had laid on their hearts. Their messages
had been to prepare, to equip the saints for the coming hour.

Many in the land, due to the growing hunger for the truth in people,
had grudgingly 'aired/shared' part truth on their forums, radio
stations, Internet blogs, sites, forums, fearing like Saul, that if they
did not do so the people would leave.

These compromisers had in this way, propagated mixture. From
their platforms they shared false prophecies, and true prophecies,
false doctrines and some true doctrines, so when their listeners
and patrons heard/saw/read their 'wares' they became even more
confused than before. Such 'vendors' of mixture did not understand
that it would have been far better to shut down their sites, forums,
radio/TV. stations than air such mixture. I saw that those hungry
for the truth slowly but surely moved away from those who
persistently aired 'mixture.'

I saw that in America and world over, a process of elimination
continued. People who sought the truth separated from the profane,
they who were tickled stuck with the filth.

The patrons/listeners/readers/viewers who remained with such as
these became contributors of so much filth, that now the
moderators/webmasters and TV and radio station owners, were
despairing. They were trapped in the filth; the monsters they had
created were now out of control.

Yet, donations from the undiscerning kept them going, and as they
knew no other occupation but to vend filth and mixture, they would
drag it as far as it would go. Shutting down or repenting publicly
and changing drastically was not an option for these as they had
too much at stake.

"As long as the gospel is preached, who cares what methods we
use?" is how they consoled themselves.

Some were unaware that a 'coup' had taken place, and though
they were owners of sites and stations, the employees/
moderators/public who loved mixture had taken over their platforms,
without accountability and rendered the webmasters and owners
of TV/radio stations/print media etc., as mere puppet heads of
such platforms, which they had once hoped would be for airing the
truth. Such media-platform owners would occasionally rise up, like
a drunken man in a stupor and speak or point to some truth but
then soon be pushed back into the corner by the public 'demand'
for mixture.

I saw mixture mixture mixture.

Those who had used their media-platforms to vend/send mixture
now appeared 'helpless' and did not do anything to transform/change.
Repenting, Closing down was not an option for these. These would
continue as long as they could, for like Pilate, they would say to
their detractors, "What is truth?"

Strangely, these who promoted mixture became set in their ways
and rather wasted precious time and resources warning against
those who spoke and aired the truth. I saw that this they did out
of jealousy and insecurity.

Since 2006, I have been seeing infiltrators/spies sneak into various
Internet sites/forums. The Pharisees wanted to convert the 'cheap
grace' preachers and the 'cheap grace' preachers, the Pharisees.

Now I saw infiltrators in the governments world over and infiltrators
in the Church.

I saw that in the guise of wanting to learn and hear the truth,
infiltrators/spies had even invaded the domain of the Raiders of the
Airways. But the truth lovers, would in due course of time, by
godly discernment and godly shrewdness, deal with them....

-SOURCE: S. Jha.

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Its Time to Stand

Its Time to Stand

Look through the winds and the weaves and you will see my perfect plan says the Lord. For the enemy would send distractions and try to trick you into thinking that all is lost. He would rather you believe his lies than you stood on the truth that I have given to you. So do not fall for his wiles, but put on the armor that I have given to you and stand against his tactics!
Choose rather to see the truth. Choose rather to stand in faith. Choose rather to walk in love. Regardless of what you feel, think or how much you are pushed around by the wind, choose instead to believe that I have set you free and opened the way before you. For when you simply stand, you have overcome!
However if you allow yourself to be tossed around with every fear and thought, then the enemy can easily set your feet on the wrong road. He can cause you to stumble and to fall. So simply stand on the truth my child. Stand on what I have told you. Stand on the promises of the Word and cast down all the thoughts and fears in your heart.
For each fear is just a shadow - it has no substance! Stand instead then on the solid foundation I have given to you and when you do - you will see and know the truth. You will stand up and take your place. You will take the land in confidence. Then you will look back and see that I have been leading you all along and that I protected you along this journey. So stand! Stand firm on the truth and overcome today my child. Amen

Sabtu, 05 Agustus 2017



Selamat datang di pelatihan kami bagi para pemimpin masa depan gereja abad ke-21 dan para pemimpin misi. Ini adalah pelatihan tanpa tembok, tanpa batas, tanpa biaya dan bebas dari batasan-batasan politik, agama, ras, jenis kelamin maupun denominasi. Kami berharap bahwa pelajaran-pelajaran ini akan mengilhami dan memberkati ribuan orang yang hatinya sedang berkobar-kobar dalam kasih mula-mula kepada Yesus.
Fakta bahwa Anda segera mengikuti pelatihan ini sudah menunjukkan bahwa Anda sangat rindu untuk mengenal Tuhan dengan lebih baik, dan bahwa dalam hati Anda, Anda ingin melihat orang-orang dalam keluarga Anda dan bangsa Anda, dan bahkan juga mereka yang belum terjangkau, juga orang-orang miskin di dunia ini, diubahkan ke dalam kehidupan
sebagai seorang murid, yang kudus dan tinggal dalam kasih dan pemeliharaan Allah di dalam iman kepada Yesus Kristus.
Pelatihan ini akan membantu Anda mewujudkan hal di atas. Ini adalah Pelajaran Pertama, sangat sederhana dan merupakan perkenalan. Pelajaran-pelajaran selanjutnya lebih lengkap, dan berisikan hal-hal yang baik untuk dipelajari dan dipraktikkan. Secara pribadi saya dan rekan-rekan pelayanan telah melakukan semuanya, dan mengajarkannya di kelas, memberikannya kepada ribuan orang, dan sekarang pelajaran-pelajaran ini menjadi milik Anda. Saya berdoa agar Anda mendapatkan berkat yang sama, tertantang dan dibawa kepada Tuhan dan jalan-jalan-Nya sebagaimana yang pernah dan terus saya alami.
Pelatihan atau Sekolah Alkitab ini tidak menawarkan gelar teologia tetapi melatih umat Tuhan secara praktis menjadi seorang murid Kristus yang dapat menghidupi kebenaran, mengabarkan Kabar Baik terhadap sesama, memuridkan, memulai pelatihan serupa ini maupun merintis atau menanam gereja.

Pastor. Dave Broos

The Eagles Nest Ministries

Eagles Nest Discipleship Courses bekerjasama dengan DCI dan United Christian Faith Ministries

Bagaimana Mengikuti Eagles Nest  Discipleship Courses dengan Sukses?

1. Pertama-tama kami akan memberikan Anda garis besar tentang apa yang telah kami pelajari selama bertahun-tahun. Dengan pertolongan Roh Kudus, Alkitab, doa kami dan pikiran yang terbuka, kami percaya bahwa Anda akan dapat menangkap seluruh pelajaran.
Pelatihan ini terdiri dari berbagai tema yang saling berkaitan secara berurut, yang pasti penting dan bermanfaat bagi gereja-gereja, terutama di negara-negara berkembang:
- Penginjilan
- Misi
- Pemuridan tingkat dasar untuk orang percaya baru
- Pemuridan tingkat lanjut
- Panggilan Allah
- Mempercayai Allah dalam hal keuangan
- Pelatihan kepemimpinan
- Pembangunan gereja
- Datanglah kerajaan-Mu
- Kehidupan doa sebagai gaya hidup & nafas kehidupan
- Menjadi alat Tuhan di dalam masyarakat
- Menjadi umat yang profetis

2. Kedua, kami ingin agar Anda menyampaikan kepada orang lain, semua yang telah Anda pelajari dari pelatihan ini, supaya Firman Allah tersebar luas. Kami akan menunjukkan kepada Anda cara melakukannya tanpa mengeluarkan banyak uang, karena kita semua tahu betapa sulit mendapatkannya. Sekolah yang kami maksud, tidak harus berupa gedung khusus dengan staf pengajar yang profesional. Para murid kami dapat berkumpul di
gedung gereja, rumah, toko, dan bahkan di bawah pohon di udara terbuka. Yang Anda perlukan hanya satu kelompok dengan orang-orang yang siap, Alkitab, bahan-bahan ini dan kehadiran Allah di tengah-tengah Anda. Kami akan membantu Anda dari awal sampai akhir.
Akhirnya, kami sangat berharap agar mereka yang sudah belajar dari Anda dapat pergi mengajarkan kepada orang lain, dengan menggunakan catatan-catatan yang sama, dan cara-cara sederhana dalam menyampaikan Firman Allah.

Bagaimana pelatihan ini dapat berjalan dengan maksimal?

Pelatihan ini akan berjalan dengan maksimal manakala sang pemimpin mengikuti pendekatan efektif yang sama seperti diterapkan Yesus kepada para murid-Nya, dan juga seperti yang dilakukan Paulus terhadap Timotius.
Apa yang telah engkau dengar dari aku di depan banyak saksi, percayakanlah itu kepada orang-orang yang dapat dipercayai, yang juga cakap mengajar orang lain. (2 Timotius 2:2)
Kami berharap Anda dapat menangkap firman ini sejak awal. Di tahun 2001 pendekatan ini sangat dikenal di antara gereja-gereja yang bertumbuh pesat di seluruh dunia dengan nama G12, yaitu suatu pengembangan dari prinsip gereja sel yang diajarkan oleh Pastor Yonggi
Cho dari Korea, dan sekarang dijalankan dengan sangat berhasil oleh Pastor Cesar Castellanos dari Bogota, Kolombia, yang melihat jemaat yang dipimpinnya bertumbuh dari 8 menjadi 120.000 orang dalam kurun waktu 10 tahun. Dia berkata, Saya mulai melihat pelayanan Yesus dengan jelas. Banyak orang mengikuti-Nya, tetapi Ia tidak melatih mereka. Ia hanya melatih 12 orang, dan apapun yang Ia lakukan di tengah-tengah banyak orang
adalah dalam rangka mengajar 12 murid-Nya itu. Kemudian Tuhan bertanya kepada saya pertanyaan yang lain. Jika Yesus melatih 12 orang, apakah Anda harus memenangkan lebih dari 12 atau kurang dari 12? Yesus memilih 12 orang untuk menjangkau banyak orang. Ia tetap bersama 12 orang ini, sampai mereka dilatih dengan baik, dan Ia melepaskan mereka, memberikan mereka otoritas dan memampukan mereka untuk memuridkan bangsa-bangsa.
Gembala, pemimpin, murid hal terbaik yang harus dilakukan adalah mencari 12 orang itu untuk Anda ajarkan pelatihan ini. Firman Allah dan Roh Kudus akan menyatukan iman dan komitmen setiap orang, dan mentransferkan karakter Kristus di dalam kelompok Anda melalui pemuridan ini, sebelum Anda melepas mereka yang siap untuk memenangkan 12 orang lagi, sementara Anda tetap dalam persekutuan dengan mereka sebagai kelompok Anda yang tetap.

Lihatlah betapa luar biasa kekuatan G12 ini:
Bila Anda mengajar diri Anda sendiri ~ hanya 1 orang mendengar firman
Bila Anda membagikan pelajaran kepada 12 orang ~ 13 orang mendengar
firman Tuhan.
Bila 12 orang itu masing-masing mengajar 12 orang lagi ~ 157 orang
mendengar firman Tuhan.
Bila 157 orang itu masing-masing mengajar 12 orang lagi ~ 1.884 orang
mendengar firman Tuhan.
Bila 1.884 orang itu mengajar 12 orang lagi ~ 22.608 orang mendengar
firman Tuhan.

Dan tiba-tiba Anda mengalami kegerakan dari Allah. Hal ini terjadi di Cina, dan terus terjadi hari ini di Amerika Latin dan Afrika, di mana Pelatihan Pelipatgandaan seperti ini terbukti menjadi satu-satunya cara yang paling efektif untuk mengajarkan ribuan orang yang memutuskan untuk mengikut Kristus. Bersama-sama kita dapat melatih banyak orang, untuk menjadi orang percaya yang dewasa rohani, dan yang bersedia pergi melakukan pekerjaan pelayanan menginjili, memuridkan, dan membantu orang-orang yang miskin, untuk membangun iman, usaha dan keuangan yang penting untuk menyebarluaskan Injil. Di dalam Kitab Kejadian pasal pertama, dituliskan bahwa ketika Firman Allah datang bersama-sama
dengan Roh Allah, terjadilah suatu ledakan dari kehidupan baru, dan inilah doa kami, agar Tuhan melakukan hal yang sama sekarang ini, di dalam kehidupan Anda, dan dalam komunitas pergaulan Anda.

Apakah pelatihan ini sulit?

Pelajaran-pelajaran ini telah teruji dengan baik di gereja-gereja di Afrika, India dan di kalangan komunitas Latin, tentunya disesuaikan dengan budaya setempat. Mereka mengatakan bahwa pengajaran ini Alkitabiah, benar, relevan dengan negara-negara berkembang, dan difokuskan pada semangat mereka untuk menjalankan Amanat Agung, agar Yesus segera datang kembali. Kenyataannya, keadaan di banyak negara berkembang
sekarang ini, tidak jauh berbeda dengan keadaan di abad pertama di zaman Alkitab.
Dengan pertolongan Allah, pelajaran-pelajaran ini tidak akan terlalu sukar bagi mereka yang hanya mempunyai bekal pendidikan rendah sekalipun, atau bahkan bagi mereka yang tidak mengenyam pendidikan sama sekali. Pengajarannya sangat sederhana dan tidak rumit. Kata-katanya pasti mudah bagi Anda untuk dimengerti. Pastikanlah bahwa Anda mengajarkan pelajaran ini kepada orang-orang lain. Berdoalah selalu dan persiapkanlah diri Anda sebaik-baiknya. Waktu Anda mengajar, tambahkanlah ayat-ayat Alkitab dan ceritera-ceritera yang anda pilih sendiri sebagai ilustrasi supaya proses pengajaran menjadi menarik, semarak dan hidup. Anda belajar dan dimuridkan untuk memuridkan orang lain. Tuhan mau melakukan pekerjaan besar dalam hidup anda, sadarkah anda akan hal tersebut?

Kami juga menerima undangan pelayanan untuk memperlengkapi tubuh Kristus yang ada di manapun baik itu gereja, persekutuan, sekolah Alkitab maupun setiap kumpulan orang percaya yang merindukan untuk dimuridkan.

Bimbingan pribadi hubungi kami pada email atau WA (only) 085863761509 (Dave Broos)

Pelatihan ini tidak dipungut biaya sama sekali tetapi bila anda ingin mendukung pelayanan kami secara finansial hingga kami dapat menolong gereja-gereja di daerah dalam menanggapi panggilan Tuhan dan amanat agungNya dapat menyalurkan donasi ke rekening BCA 0081824788 atas nama Dave Broos. Donasi anda akan digunakan untuk memperlengkapi tubuh Kristus di garis depan dan tubuh Kristus yang tak mampu.

Harapan kami pada akhirnya umat Tuhan bukan hanya sekedar menghangatkan bangku gereja tetapi menjadi murid Kristus yang menanggapi amanat agung Kristus dengan menjadikan segala bangsa murid Kristus. Impian kami melihat setiap gedung gereja menjadi tempat memperlengkapi umat Tuhan untuk diutus memberitakan kabar baik, memuridkan orang lain dan menanam gereja di tempat mereka bekerja, belajar atau dimanapun.

Links yang berguna bagi para murid:

-       The Eagles Nest Ministries =
-       Renungan Kehidupan =
-       Ekklesia (Gereja) =
-       Global Prayer Network =
-       Shadow of The Cross Indonesia =
-       Guardian Angels =
-       Spiritual Growth =
-       Market Place Ministry =
-       In My Darkness Hours =
-       LK10 =



-       Bagi para murid yang rindu untuk bertumbuh lebih dalam, bersungguh-sungguhlah untuk: - Membaca , menghafalkan dan merenungkan bagian Alkitab dari setiap pelajaran. Lalu praktekkan dalam hidup sehari-hari.
                 - Untuk mendapatkan sertifikat pada akhir tiap kursus, selesaikan tugas diskusi, praktika dan tugas diploma. Kirimkan tugas-tugas tersebut ke alamat email:  dengan judul Kursus Pemuridan.
                 - Berdoa syafaat bagi setiap suku bangsa yang belum mengenal Kristus.
                 - Berdoa pada Tuhan, selama minggu ini, bagikan apa yang telah Anda pelajari pada orang lain dan bentuklah kelompok kecil untuk belajar bersama apa yang telah Anda pelajari. Bisa dimulai dengan keluarga di rumah, sahabat-sahabat, dll.

-       Bagi para murid yang mau mendukung kelangsungan pelayanan Sekolah Alkitab Online ataupun pelayanan The Eagles Nest Ministries ini dapat menyalurkan donasi ke rekening BCA Bandung II no 0081824788 atas nama Dave Broos
-       Untuk menghubungi kami dapat melalui nomor WA (only) 085863761509.

Jumat, 28 Juli 2017

One Person Can Change the World

One Person Can Change the World
“I sought for a man among them who would make a wall,
and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that
I should not destroy it; but I found no one.”

The Lord searches the whole Earth, and when He has found a person who sees that Purpose, and daily orders their life according to that Purpose, and (here is the key!) consistently rises up to pray for the fulfillment of that Purpose, then God will move Heaven and Earth on behalf of that person; for He has found, at last, some ground to build upon.

That person is numbered with the Remnant because, I promise you, men and women like that are few and far between.

Source: "The Irresistible Kingdom" by Chip Brogden

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I am your brother,
Chip Brogden